Galactic Stars of Creation Coloring Book

This life enhancing coloring book contains energetic light codes of creation that are designed to help you integrate feelings of joy, love, balance, harmony and peace in your life. Working with the full spectrum of the colors of the rainbow enhances your life experience with this coloring book. This coloring book is the first product of many, that will represent the full spectrum of love that Brian channeled into his stars. 

Features & Highlights

-A flagship coloring book for Stars of Creation

-Forward from the author, Brian Foster Porter

-13 unique stars, intentionally designed to support your personal growth

-Full Spectrum Colors of the Rainbow fill Hearts with Joy

Creative Artistry

-Activate your creativity of flow as you color these Stars

-Use brilliant colors to energize your life and align your chakras

-Expand your creativity as you color and meditate on thoughts of Peace, Harmony, Balance and Love

Give the Gift of Abundance

In the spirit of graciousness, this book is designed to be gifted to those people you care for most. The loved ones in our lives who will benefit from simple acts of kindness. When you give a gift, you create emotions that empower another person, and you instantly receive affirmation from the universe, empowering yourself. 

  • High Quality Paper
  • Designed & Printed in the USA
  • Meditative Experience
  • Harmonic Energy 
  • Positive Vibes
  • Enhancing Colors
  • Chakra Alignment
  • Rainbow Spectrum
  • Coloring Book


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